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28 July 2021: Nigeria v Germany

Nigeria is a much more competitive team when playing against international teams, and they are coming off of an upset. Prediction leans towards the home side.


Nigeria might do ok in the game. They have a lot of people on their national basketball team, and they have some really good players.

Nigeria can defend well, and at the same time create some very good chances on offense. Yes, the Nigerians are lacking star players. The opposition against Australia has already reflected that – in a negative way. But Germany is a much easier opponent, against which Nigeria should look much more successful. The team defends well, and can take advantage of their physical superiority.


The visiting team has some good players. Wagner, Bonga, and some other players from the best European teams control the German team’s action in the opponent’s half. But in spite of all of their good features, this German team looks new to me. When they run into more powerful opponents, I usually see big problems with them.

The German team is in a disadvantaged position because the majority of their squad are not NBA-level players.


The Nigerian team has come off to a poor start at this Olympics, losing against Australia 84-67. This was followed by the German team also suffering a defeat to Italy 92-82. The Nigerian and German teams will be fighting it out for third place in the last match they play together.

Nigeria vs Germany

The odds are now even at the bookmakers’ offices. The African team has a slight advantage, and that is fair. Nigeria have more talented players in general. And in terms of experience, Nigeria looks better. After all, playing in the National Basketball Association makes a player much stronger even if they don’t play much.”

Germany and Nigeria will compete against each other in the second quarterfinal. Germany has avoided some of their opponent’s pitfalls, though they’ve also been successful in different ways than Nigeria.

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