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Anthony Joshua vs. Kubrat Pulev result

There was a big fight for the world heavyweight title. Joshua knocked out Pulev in the ninth round. Pulev was knocked down four times.

Joshua thought he was in control of the fight. But when he hit his opponent, Pulev got back up and started hitting Joshua. The referee did not do anything about this!

After being beaten by Andy Ruiz, it was unlikely that Anthony Joshua would become the same fighter who is intelligent in the ring. But he did not act like that. Joshua used his jab and moved around a lot to avoid getting hit. He also worked on his emotions and kept himself strong.

Analysis of the fight

In this fight, Pulev started to scream back at missed punches. He was getting hit a lot. Then Joshua started to beat him up more and the referee counted out the knockdown. Joshua landed a right uppercut that ended the fight.

The fourth round and no one won. The British person played it well to the end. Fist and jab, jab and jab, attack and clinch. Joshua preferred staying away from his opponent, waiting for him to get tired, although by the middle of the fight he himself was already breathing heavily in a corner.

Conclusions after the fight

Joshua’s advantage was too big. Pulev tested positive for coronavirus on November 26 and this couldn’t have been good. His team could have rescheduled the fight, but they didn’t want to change it again.

Joshua was smarter and faster than Pulev. And he was not as tired. But boxers, especially heavyweights, are not loved for their ability to show off what they can do.

Anthony dedicated his punches to Mike Tyson when he was knocked down. His opponent got up but then Anthony punched him and made him fall back to the ground.


Then he should have quoted Tommy Morrison, aka Tommy Gun, who was a relative of John Wayne. He starred in Rocky Balboa. This film was not good and it had many bad things in it.

Please do not look at me as your role model anymore. I’m just like any other guy who didn’t take his chances and became somebody.

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