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BetBoss Jackpot is a game-totalizator in which participants need to make predictions for 13 football matches. You must specify the result of each match, choosing from three options – a home win, a draw, a win for the guests.

The service has been operating since 2008 under the management of White Rhino Ventures Limited. The activity of the tote is licensed in accordance with the requirements of the Kenya Office of control and licensing bets.

BetBoss pays great attention to responsible participation in gambling and seeks to make them fun, not a pernicious habit. The site has a special section where users are given tips on how to maintain a healthy approach to gambling and participation in the tote. In addition, the company checks the legality of the presence of players on the site – for full access to the deposit and withdrawal of funds, you must confirm the identity and age.

BetBoss allows users to contact support for self-exclusion for a period of 7 days to completely abandon the game.

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Why Bet Boss Is a Preferred Betting Website in Kenya

Betboss has elaborate web layout that is not only nice at eyes but also easy to navigate around. Also, it has responsive mobile apps, high-value odds, and many bonuses.

As if that’s not enough, Betboss offers a wide variety of sports on which you can place your bets. And it combines the use of both SMS, app, and website to provide a more full-filling experience.

Pros of Bet Boss Bet Kenya

  • Offers two weekly jackpots
  • Virtual games
  • Jackpot bonus
  • An easy way of depositing and withdrawal
  • Supports SMS betting
  • Plentiful bonuses


  • No bet cancellation features
  • Provides no cash-out features
  • Has a minimum withdrawal limit

Betboss Mobile App


Using the Betboss app is one of the fastest ways to find matches and place your bet before time runs out. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.  It contains the same features as those of the official Betboss website.

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Using Your Mobile to Bet

While other betting firms have mobile apps that support android only while others do not have, Bet boss has an incredible App. It’s robust and highly responsive and optimized for both Android and iOS mobiles.

To use your mobile to bet, you can either use the Bet boss app, website, or SMS. For more information, check from this link

Visit the Bet Boss Website

Bet boss maintains an active online presence through the website herein You can visit the web to find out more about the types of games and available markets offered on this bookmaker.

BetBoss Betting Offers


This unique betting company provides numerous types of betting games that any punter will love. In addition to that, it offers multiple bonuses and gifts to its clients, thereby allowing its members to earn more.

Some of the valued games market cherished by most Kenyan bettors include football, cricket, baseball, rugby, and basketball. In addition to the mentioned games, Bet boss also other sports such as Volleyball, Handball, Darts, boxing, Ice hockey, Tennis, American football, and Golf.

If you’re an enthusiast of the mentioned sports, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy betting on live sports. Also, you can opt for virtual games anytime from anywhere provided you can log into your account.

Betting Limits

The site offers two weekly jackpots – one for Ksh 5,000,000 and the other for Ksh 100 million for correctly predicting 13 selections. Bonuses start from predicting 10 selections correctly. The minimum amount to bet is Ksh 100.

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Betting options, in-play, live streaming


The betting margins of Bet Boss are good. You have over 4% on football markets. On an average, the sports book keeps around 3.5% for the betting margin. It is one of the most valued sports books in Kenya and the top market games are cricket, rugby, basketball, and football. You will be able to see the most popular bets and the sports menu on the homepage.

BETBOSS Sign Up Bonus

By now you already have a glimpse of main reasons you need to transfer from your current sports betting site to BETBOSS. And to give you soft and easy landing, you will receive bonuses when you signup amounting to Ksh 350 today. The signup bonuses work in a pretty simple way unlike other betting sites that require you to wager your bonus a given number of times before you can redeem it. With BETBOSS, when you just register you will receive signup bonuses up to Ksh 350 towards your betting account.

Bazenga Boost Bonus


After successful registration, login to your account and on the “promotions” section you will see the BETBOSS Bazenga boost bonus. The BETBOSS Bazenga boost are a set of pre-selected multiple pairs of marches you can bet on. These matches normally have boosted odds i.e A Bazenga boost pair can be a combination of Arsenal, PSG, Roma, Barcelona to win markets at certain boosted odds. For instance in our case, if the four teams at Bazenga boost odds of 30 and we stake 100 KES, our total wim amount would be Ksh 3,000. This is great since if you placed a different multibet of those four teams at BETBOSS without using the Bazenga boost, the odds would be lower and hence a lower win amount. You can find more of how the Bazenga boost works at BETBOSS.

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Multi Boost Bonus

Multibets can really reward you well if you get it right. BETBOSS offers you a chance to earn up to 50% more on your winnings when you bet on multiples. For example, suppose you bet 1000 KES on a 10-game multi at odds of 15.00, your total winnings would be (Ksh 1000 x 15.00) = Ksh 15,000. What the 50 percent BETBOSS bonus boost on multibets would do is give you an extra 50% on your winnings. That is Ksh 15,000 + (15,000 x 50%) = Ksh 22,250 as total winnings. If you use other sites, you would only get Ksh 15,000 for your multibet win.

In Kenya though SportyBet offers a better bonus boost on multibets at 135%. Plus if you sign up here and make a first deposit worth over Ksh 50, you will get sign up bonus worth Ksh 350. The larger your first deposit, the higher the SportyBet bonus.

The following guidelines should be observed with the BETBOSS bonus boost on multibets:

    1. Each leg must be at odds of greater than 1.25
    2. A qualifying bet is described as an accumulator or multi-bet containing 10 legs or more placed pre game or in play on any sport
    3. Bonus winnings will be credited the next day after settlement
    4. Maximum bonus amount per day per person, household address, email address, MSIDN number, and IP address – is 50,000 ksh

BetBoss Jackpot Rules


Jackpot tote – is a game-totalizer in which many participants make predictions for 13 events. At the end of all the matches participating in the draw, the most successful predictors are awarded. BetBoss pays out prizes in two formats:

  • Standard jackpot draw. Users who guessed 11, 12 or 13 results are awarded. Those who called 11 correct answers will receive 100.000 Sh each. For 12 answers – 200.000 Sh, and for 13 answers – 5.000.000 Sh.
  • Super Jackpot. The main prize is taken by the user who guessed the result of all 13 games, and each team scored at least one goal.

A ticket for participation in one draw costs 100 shillings.

You can buy it at any time, until the earliest match from the selection has started.

Additional rules:

  • You can buy multiple tickets for one draw.
  • The result of the match is determined by the score that was recorded at the end of the second half. Goals scored in extra time or a penalty shootout are not counted.
  • If the match was canceled, interrupted or reassigned to another day, it is replaced with a backup option. There are 5 backup options. If no more matches have been played, the draw is canceled – the money is returned to the players.
  • In case of winning, the maximum amount for withdrawal per transaction is 70,000 shillings. It is sent to the account automatically. The rest must be put on the withdrawal manually.
  • If you have two or more tickets for one drawing, then you can only make changes to the one that was issued last.

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How to Register on Betaboss

Option 1: Paybill

  1. Simply deposit some money into Paybill 290442 (Account: Deposit) and you will receive a PIN number by SMS.Once received you can login on using your phone number and PIN and you can start betting.

Option 2: SMS

  1. SMS BETBOSS to 29442
  2. You will receive a confirmation message providing you with a PIN.

How to place a Single Bet with BetBoss


On all football matches quoted on Betboss SMS link, the matches are listed as Event Codes the prediction are Market Codes.

Event Code

Event Code Event 1 X 2
5555 Liverpool vs Chelsea 2.00 3.00 3.20
6666 Man Utd vs Arsenal 3.2 3.1 2


Once your account is funded via a deposit, bets may be placed via SMS in the following steps:

SMS to 29442 “Bet then “space” followed by the Event Codes, the team you predict to win in 90 min & the amount you wish to bet.

Example “Bet 5555#1*1000” is the bet for Liverpool to win at Home for a stake of Ksh1000

“5555” = Event Code, “1” = Market Code prediction, “1000” is the bet amount. A bet is deemed to have been placed once the Bet ID has been issued.

The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake. (e.g. 2.00*1000=2,000 Kes)

A bet via SMS will receive a confirmation message informing you of your placed bet.

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How to place a Multiple Bet

On all football matches quoted on BetBoss Match Codes you have an opportunity to predict the outcome of the game,

Step 1:

Event Code Event 1 X 2
5555 Liverpool vs Chelsea 2.00 3.00 3.20
6666 Man Utd vs Arsenal 3.2 3.1 2


SMS to 29442 the Match Codes, the team you predict to win in 90 min & the amount you wish to bet, this is followed by + your second selection in the multiple.

Example. Bet 5555#1+6666#2*1000 – where “5555” & “6666” are Events Codes, “1&2” are the Market Codes prediction. This bet is for Liverpool to win at Home AND Arsenal to win AWAY for a stake of Ksh 1000

Step 2:

A bet is deemed to have been placed once the Bet ID has been issued.The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake. (e.g. 2.00*2.00*1000=4000)

A bet via SMS will receive a confirmation message informing you of your placed bet.

How to Deposit funds on BetBoss

загруженное (3).jpg

  1. Go to M-Pesa menu
  2. Select Payment services
  3. Click on Paybill
  4. Enter business number as 290442
  5. Enter the account number as BetBoss
  6. Enter the amount you want to deposit
  7. Enter your M-Pesa pin and Confirm the request
  8. You will shortly receive an SMS from M-Pesa and BetBoss to confirm the transaction

How to withdraw your funds with BetBoss

  1. Send the word WITHDRAW amount to 29442 e.g: WITHDRAW 500 to 29442 (NB “WITHDRAW” space “Amount”)
  2. Your Mobile Money account (Mpesa ) will be credited
  3. Minimum withdrawal is Ksh 100

How to check your Balance on BetBoss

Send the word “Bal” to 29442. You will receive a confirmation message providing your available balance in your account.

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Customer support


The customer support of Bet Boss is a very strong feature of Bet Boss. You can contact them via their live chat portal if you want to get in touch with the bookmaker. You can also make use of their email service ([email protected]), which is normally done through an online form. You can also browse through the frequently asked questions section. There is also the option of contacting the support via telephone at 0703 065 777.


With its highly responsive website and mobile app, elaborate web design, quick SMS services, numerous bonuses, this site is worth trying out. Also, it has various types of sports and over 100 betting markets, as well as virtual games that are great for huge wins.

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