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Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Porter: Fight on July 11

The rivalry between Conor McGregor and Dustin Porier dates back more than 6.5 years – they first met in one octagon in late September 2014 at the UFC 178 tournament in Las Vegas, and then it was just an ordinary fight of two rising stars. The Irishman spectacularly finished the American within 106 seconds and continued his rapid path to the championship belt and the status of the most popular fighter in mixed martial arts (MMA).

After their first fight last year, they have announced a rematch to take place this year. The audience is expecting a different match up in both skills and achievements for the two fighters who have turned into UFC’s superstars.

What does Conor McGregor and Dustin Porier expect to do in the fight?

McGregor managed two impressive feats, becoming a champion in two weight classes and becoming one of the most notorious fighters. Porier became an interim lightweight champ, cementing his status as one of the hardest challengers on MMA’s scene.

Conor McGregor’s accomplishments:

  1. 2012 – CWFC featherweight and lightweight champion;
  2. 2013 – winner of the “Best Knockout of the Night” award;
  3. 2014 – winner of the World MMA Awards title;
  4. 2015 – interim UFC featherweight champion;
  5. 2016 – UFC Lightweight Champion;
  6. Six-time “Performance of the Night” award winner.

As of the first week of UFC 257 in Abu Dhabi, fighters appeared to be very respectful towards each other, refraining from any verbal conflicts or altercations. This strategy may not have gone so well for Conor McGregor who eschewed usual mental wars and pressure on his opponent during typical pre-fight plans.

As a result, Dustin Porter overwhelmed him with an early victory using brute force. “Diamond” endured the initial onslaught and some finesse shots from the Irishman while he turned the tide on what was considered to be a tough fight by landing punishing blows himself.

Pre-fight breakdown of Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Porter

The UFC rarely gives fighters rematches, let alone trilogies. But the story of Conor McGregor and Dustin Porier’s clash deserves to continue for at least one more high-profile fight.

In 2014, the Irishman knocked out the young Porter with a signature thrashing and knockout in 106 seconds at UFC 178. Six years later, Dustin had a chance to get even for the loss, which he gladly took by lasting all five rounds against McGregor without giving up any ground before finally finishing him off late in the fifth round without hitting so much as a single punch this past Saturday night at UFC 257.

Despite McGregor wanting a rematch, most experts are confident that he won’t be able to replicate the same result despite his opponent’s odds. In the three years since Conor has beaten Porier, Diamond has not lost at any high level fight and has beat multiple opponents like Pettis, Alvarez, Holloway and Hooker. What has Porier added in recent years and why did he beat McGregor in the rematch? Let’s get to the bottom of it.

  • In a fight with Justin Gagey, Dustin used half-kicks (low kicks that are below the knee) to make Conor’s legs tired. Conor didn’t know how to fight them, so his legs got tired.
  • The fight with Khabib showed Porrier that even a high-class puncher has to combine wrestling and standup, keeping his opponent in maximum tension. In the rematch with McGregor, Porier delivered a sharp touchdown, knocking Conor down at a comfortable pace and forcing the Irishman to switch from boxing to grappling.
  • Porter now knows that he can outbox a fighter even if they fight for 25 minutes. He learned this because he had fights with Max Holloway and Dan Hooker.

Fight on July 11

UFC champion Usman generously agreed to a rematch with challenger Masvidal. The challengers first met at Fight Island last summer in Abu Dhabi, UAE when Jorge stepped up on short notice. After six days of preparation, Jorge shocked everyone by holding his own for all five rounds against the dominant champion- though he ended up losing the match. He could have justified himself after this defeat since he had not actually prepared for it beforehand.

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