Food for Volleyball Players

Food is an important constituent of success for any sportsman. Vladimir Stefanov gives advice on what food is better for volleyball players and why. Learn what to eat to be full of energy.

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Foods for Volleyball Players. Nutrition Advice from Vladimir Stefanov

Our today’s conversation promises to be very interesting. We’ll look at sports nutrition not from the side of the dietician but from the side of the professional volleyball player Vladimir Stefanov. He spent a couple of years as a part of one of the Honk Kong volleyball teams, where he got some useful experience about what a sportsman should eat to be in great shape. He strengthened his knowledge while playing for Singapore – the country where much attention is given to developing sports.
We’ve asked Vladimir Stefanov about the recommendations he can give to anyone starting their volleyball career, and here’s what he said.

No Matter What, You Should Have Breakfast

Although in my native country breakfast is often ignored, in Hong Kong and, later, in Singapore, I’ve learned that this is a must for any person who wants to perform well during the day, especially if a person is a sportsman. Breakfast gives us a significant amount of energy. When we don’t eat anything in the morning, we just lose all the energy charge we could have gotten.

Proper hydration and nutrition for volleyball players from Dr. Chis Koutures

It’s Not Enough to Eat Properly During Tournaments. Your Diet Should Always Be Healthy

To keep in great shape, a volleyball player has to be lean and fit. These two constituents guarantee his speed, stamina, and thus effectiveness in the game. Make sure your diet is rich in carbohydrates and protein. Eat whole-grain bread, quinoa, rice, or other complex carbs to have a long-lasting source of energy. Combine them with lean meat, or fish, or seafood, or poultry for proteins. Avoid saturated and trans fats. They should be substituted by useful fats one can find in avocado, eggs, nuts, and other tasty and useful products.

Diet Should Be Individual

Believe it or not, but every person in a team has different nutrition needs. Having different body mass, the number of calories burned per minute is not the same for people playing under identical conditions for an equal period of time. This should be taken into account in your nutrition plan.

Eat before the Game

It doesn’t matter if you are hungry or not before the game; you still need to eat. A perfect variant is a high-carb meal about 2 – 4 hours before the match. I chose to eat some rice with a big portion of vegetables (this was my favorite in Singapore), but you can also eat some dairy products, meat, or fruits. The main thing is to be sure about your body’s reaction to these foods.

Don’t Forget About Water

Food is good, but it won’t help you feel full of energy and strength if you don’t drink enough water. As for me, I preferred some sports drinks because they give both liquid and energy charge. Still, it’s up to your taste. Hope my experience will be useful for those who only begin playing big – sums up Vladimir Stefanov.

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