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Forecast: Japan v Nigeria

Nigeria will play against Japan on Tuesday. The Africans are good and they might be able to win.


With the 2019 World Cup wrapped up with only two teams to enter the Olympic tournament from Asia, Japan must win their upcoming match against rival Serbia.

Japan has been soundly beaten by both Japanese and South Korean teams in their last three matches, so there is a good chance they could lose again if Serbia gets an early lead. The stakes are high for both sides of this game as it establishes who will be promoted into the Olympics next year.


Nigeria might play well in this game. They are the underdog against the home team and it is hard for them because they have a bad record. But they are quick and have good height, so they might win this game.

Personal meetings

The last head-to-head encounter between these teams was almost 20 years ago and would be difficult to predict the outcome. However, Nigeria have lost all five of their games against Japan in 2019. Japan’s only loss this year came when they met America.

Japan vs Nigeria match prediction

Nigeria wants to make the playoffs. They are good at soccer, but not as good as Japan. The Japanese will be more solid, but Nigeria could win this game.

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