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Forecast: Serbia v Kenya July 29, 2021

On July 29th, there will be a soccer game in Tokyo. The Serbian team has won the first two games without losing. They beat the Dominican Republic (3-0 – 25:18, 25:12, 25:20) and Japan (3-0 – 25:23, 25:16, 26:24). Other African teams were not as successful against Japan (0-3) and South Korea (0-3). Serbia last played Kenya in the 2019 World Cup in Japan. The Serbian team won 3 sets (25-13, 25-11, 25-17).


Although the U.S. did not notice the resistance of Serbia, Japan noticed the same way as well as Dominican Republic. All in all it was a shame but we still played and we cannot perfect everything without cooperation from all players.


Serbia has won 2 matches with a dry score. Kenya have lost without scoring a goal so far. Kenya had an opportunity to play against two Asian teams – they lost to Japan and then to South Korea, but they could have won one of the sets in each of those games.

Personal meetings

In 5 of the last 7 encounters, the Serbian team won. Only one time did the Africans manage to beat their opponents by at least one set. The last meeting occurred in 2019 and then girls from the Balkan region took quite a victory – (25:13, 25:11, 25:17). It is not likely that we should anticipate big feats from Kenyans too now as well.

Serbia vs Kenya

They have a favorite. The bookmakers are giving them more points than they should be. The Africans may not play as well, but they are always physically and mentally prepared. It is more likely that they will win one of the sets and this might break the small total – (120.5).

This is the first match for Kenyan team against a non-Azithian country. The Kenyans are really dangerous and they will probably be able to win one of the sets against Serbs. In the last two games, they were close to it, but lacked some luck or skill. At the same time, Serbs know how to create problems for themselves and in 3rd game against Japan they missed only one ball before losing. That says a lot about them too! Nominal visitors from Serbia are going to put up fight in all sets/games and might even win one of these matches

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