Fortebet Promo Code in Kenya

Fortebet is one of the most popular sports-betting sites in Uganda. It is only available to residents of Uganda, and is renowned for its many football games on offer. FortuneBet was initially founded in 2014, but its name was changed to Fortebet in 2016.

Fortebet Review

Trading under the ForteBet license, Grand Victoria Ltd. is incorporated in Uganda and licensed by the National Lotteries Board of Uganda.

ForteBet is one of the leading sports betting companies in Uganda, with coverage over the entire country. ForteBet offers to all clients the highest odds on the market, rapid customer support, and a variety of simple betting types.

The bookmaker offers limited products for smartphone users in Uganda, among which Casino and Virtual Soccer are the only available options. Fortebet does well at these products, but it needs to offer much more in order to rival its competitors.

Registration Process on Fortebet in Kenya


To register for Fortebet account, visit their page and click on the orange button labeled ‘register.’ After signing in, you will be redirected to the registration form where you will need to provide your personal information including name, phone number, email address and date of birth.

It’s best to check that your required forms are filled out and then you can submit the form. After confirming your email address, you will receive an email with your login credentials and a link to activate. Upon clicking the link, you will have created an account and finished registration.

How to get bonus on Fortebet in Kenya

Please note that at the time of writing, there are no promotional offers available from Fortebet. Instead, we have a dedicated «Best Shots» section where you can find out what bets customers like you won big prizes with on our site. You can click on this option to read inspiring customer winnings stories and bet along the same lines.

fortebet bonus

Fortebet’s goal is to inspire customers by showcasing these stories and encouraging them. That being said, we hope that Fortebet offers promotional offers in the near future, as all the best bookmakers do offer some. Some examples of their exciting new offerings include the ability to receive pays at any time during a game unlike other betting sites like Bet

Fortebet also offers customers a welcome bonus of up to 1,000,000 UGX. All you have to do is make your first deposit and no promo code is needed! If you make your first deposit, you are eligible to receive a welcome bonus. The more of the deposit that follows the terms and conditions, the higher the percentage of this offer.

You must bet ten times the amount you have deposited, in order to receive your bonus. Once you do so, you will be paid with 10% of the first deposit that was made. To qualify for the bonus offer, you must select more than 5 individual bets with odds of 3:1 or better per selection with a maximum total bet of 100 000 UGX. You will forfeit any interest the account makes for a year, and can not withdraw funds. If you withdraw the bonus before this date, then any remaining balance of the bonuses will be removed.

Deposit and withdraw on Fortebet Kenya

When you sign up for a new account, you won’t automatically be transferred to our deposit and withdrawal section. However, this link should show on the top left of your screen after completing registration. If it doesn’t, click the «Deposit & Withdrawals» option to see if it’s available

Fortebet is a rather new bookmaker and only has 3 deposit options: in-shop, Airtel or MTN mobile money. Once you place your order for the transfer, estimate the amount of money by providing your username to a customer representative from Fortebet.

It is important to remember that your receipt from the bank branch should always be kept in a safe place. The minimum deposit amount at a branch is 1,000 UGX, while the maximum deposited limit is unlimited. For Airtel Money deposits, Airtel numbers must be registered with Fortebet.

Another way to deposit funds into your account is with Airtel Money. You can deposit 500 UGX per transaction and have a maximum of 5,000,000 UGX. Once you initiate a transaction, funds are deposited to your account within 3 minutes. Standard Airtel Money fees will apply for the same.

To register MTN Mobile Money, your number must be registered with Fortebet. For a deposit of 500 UGX or more up to 4,000,000 UgX you can expect to see the funds in your Fortebet account within 3 minutes after initiating a transfer. Standard Mobile Money Transfer fees apply.

Unlike most bookmakers, Fortebet offers just one payout option. You must visit a branch near you to cash out your winnings. The minimum amount to withdrawal is 1,000 UGX, while the maximum is unlimited for any dollar value.

To withdraw money from your account, click on the «My Account» button in the upper right corner of your screen and choose «Cash Out.”

You should provide the amount you want to withdraw along with a 4 digit code that Fortebet will send to your registered mobile number. When you request cash prizes, provide your username and the Fortebet code to a representative at the adjacent shop. To claim your cash prize, simply let a representative confirm that you are eligible to participate.

Vip program Fortebet

Fortebet customers automatically become a part of the VIP program and receive welcome bonus points to help them get started. If you would like to apply for a card, please find the closest branch and set up an appointment.

Here is how you earn Fortebet VIP points on Fortebet:

  • 1-2 Matches: 1 Point
  • 3-4 Matches: 2 Points
  • 5-6 Matches: 3 Points
  • 7-9 Matches: 4 Points
  • 10-12 Matches: 6 Points
  • 13-15 Matches: 8 Points
  • 16+ Matches: 10 Points

Residents can earn VIP points on bets of 1,000 UGX or more by going to a branch near them and betting using their Club card.If you place a bet for 8 games, and your investment is UGX 80,000 you will receive 320 VIP points. By betting 10 matches, betting 100,000 UGX will earn you 1,000 VIP points.

Fortebet Customer Service

When contacting customer support, click on the «Contact Us» option, which is located in the top left corner of the site. Once you go to contact us section there are 3 options- call a customer support representative or email with Fortebet.

To reach a customer service representative, dial 0800 202 202. When you want a more formal, traditional response to your query, it’s best to send an email, at [email protected]. You will usually receive a response to your email within 24 hours.


One of the best things about Fortebet Uganda, is their focus on football. We hope they improve on their other aspects in order to become an all-around better bookmaker. That being said, if you only want to bet on football matches, you should go with Fortebet because the odds they offer is very competitive.

Fortebet is a securely reliable gambling site, with excellent odds for football betting. At the same time, it offers only three deposit methods and one withdrawal method. The bookmaker does not provide promotional offers which is quite disappointing and it extends its welcome bonus that comes with its own set of rules, making it difficult to attain.

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