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France beat South Africa 4-3

South Africa came third in the 2019 Africa U-23 Cup of Nations. This means that they will compete in their second Olympics Games. They had a defeat, two draws, and one win at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

After years of waiting, the South African football team has qualified for a major tournament after surprising some teams in their early rounds.

France national team

The reigning World Cup champions hope the Tokyo Olympics will help make new talent. The team has lots of French Ligue 1 players, but Kylian Mbappe is not on the team. He was left off of the French national team for Euro 2020 because he got too old.

France is the defending Olympic champion, but due to lack of depth in their squad they could not field a competitive team for this year’s games in Tokyo.


In the first round, France beat Mexico with no options. Today they barely won against South Africa. France isn’t a team. There is no chemistry between the players. The only time they can score is when their opponent gets distracted and forgets to cover them. Gignac tries desperately to open up for passes, but his teammates do not help him very much.

France beat South Africa 4-3 in their efforts to stay alive at the tournament. Yet defenders were again caught clowning around, allowing a goal while they were defending a corner in the first half for their opponents to tie up with them 1-1. However France pulled away and put themselves ahead 2-1 when winger Touzar passed one over his head into his own net from midfield and defender Singh failed to convert on penalty kick opportunity awarded by the referee.

The game was close, but South Africa played much better and the team felt like they were gods. Kodisang and Singh had a lot of good dribbles on two occasions. They drove the French team’s goal keeper crazy. Kodisang ripped down the flank and set up the second goal, which Mokoena scored with a shot under crossbar that made it 3-2 in favor of South Africa.

Gignac punished the Africans for slacking off

South Africa was doing well in the game. But after they scored a goal, they would relax and stop playing as hard. France would then score each time. Gignac scored three times.

Andre Pierre scored 3 goals, including his first from a penalty kick. In the shoot-out Minaya’s Malepe and Savannier both scored and France emerged victorious. The French earned standard after standard but it took mistakes by the Africans to bring about victory for them.

France won the game even though they had been playing not as well and were behind most of the time. France scored three goals that were very beautiful. The other team could have made a fourth goal in the last few seconds, but they missed it. France got 3 points and will still make it to the play-offs for the Olympics, but they are not in a decisive match.

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