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Francis Ngannou defeated Stipe Miocic in a boxing match

UFC 260 concluded in Las Vegas, the main event of which was a rematch between Stipe Miocic and Francis Ngannou. The first fight took place in 2018: then Miocic won by unanimous decision of the judges, defending the heavy division title.

This time the fight didn’t last even 6 minutes. Ngannou took the first round. He stopped Miocic’s touchdown and boxed him in on the other side of the ring.

Past fights

In 2018, Stipe Miocic won a championship fight against Francis Ngannou without too much of a struggle. He spent the first round on his back and then dominated in the other rounds by unanimous vote from the judges. In 2019, Ngannou lost to Derrick.

Lewis by decision after he had an ugly fight: he refused to come close enough for knockout range with Lewis because it was feared that would result in being knocked out. He then turned things around again by winning four fights within 42 seconds total! These were all top fighters: Curtis Blades, Kane Velasquez, Junior Dos Santos, Jairzinho Rosenstruyk.

Miocic has had a great year fighting Cormier. In the first fight he lost by knockout, but in the second one he won by TKO with an intense effort. He then defended his heavyweight title against Ngannou and convincingly beat him at UFC 260.

First round

Despite the progress of Ngannou, many people thought that the second they would be similar to the first. However, in the first round it became clear that things would be different. Although Miocic looked awkward and his attempted takedowns failed as Ngannou covered him and then stepped behind his back, punching him in a swift move.

The American Croatian fighter was able to get up, but he missed a lot. And to miss just one punch from Ngannou is probably the same as missing ten punches from a tough heavyweight. Francis had one final opportunity, which for some reason he didn’t develop – when he hit with a right overhand, then added a left side.

Second round

The second round, however, lasted only 52 seconds. Ngannou’s jabs showed he was confident and then hit a powerful left straight to the jaw. Miocic fell down and, after getting up, missed some punches at the net.

A stunned Stipe broke free, made a few steps, stopped Ngannou with a right hook, then went forward and immediately came across a hook from the Cameroonian. Miocic collapsed unconscious, but Ngannou hit him again to be sure. It was unnecessary, but a lot of fighters have reflexes like that – it’s hard to do anything about it, it’s all automatic.


Post-fight interview

“I can’t even find the words to describe how I feel,” Ngannou said after the fight. – “I can’t even find the words to describe how I feel,” Ngannou said after the fight.

“But it’s the same feeling that for years, ever since I was little, I couldn’t get it out of me – and now I can. Now my career is on its way to greatness.” January 20, 2018 (the day of Miocic’s first win) is what led me here today.”

When I dropped him the first time and went at him, he definitely hit me with his right hand, and I heard my cornerbacks, Kamaru Usman yelling at me, “Calm down, don’t fly!” And I stepped back, gathered myself, and he made the mistake of going at me sharply, and I caught him.

My team and my coaches did a great job. They watched videos of my opponents’ fights to prepare me. My managers also helped me do well. I went into the fight relaxed and patient because Kamaru had helped me emotionally. He is like family to me, so I knew he would help in that way before the fight even happened. There are now three champions from Africa, and we hope there will be a UFC tournament for us in Africa too!

Referring to Jon Jones as a “former UFC bantamweight champion and one of the best fighters in MMA history,” Stipe Miocic expressed that he is ready for this challenge.

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