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Francis Ngannou vs Kane Velasquez results

Kane Velasquez was a popular UFC heavyweight champion 5 years ago. People made memes about him. Now he has had one fight since then. And it is not clear if he will have another one or not. He only lasted 28 seconds against Francis Ngannou in the 2nd fight.

A favourite for his former glory

Though injured for almost three years, Velasquez was the favourite going into this UFC fight. Though his opponent looked unbeatable when he first entered, Francis Ngannou lost a few fights to Stipe Miocic and Derrick Lewis. However, the knockout power of this dark-skinned giant has not gone anywhere despite these losses.

Velasquez could have beaten Ngannou in parterre or even on the counter, but the opening moments of the fight were too dangerous to stand. Except for about 2 rounds in this fight Velasquez was basically getting his head kicked in. Since Kane fought from a distance with small punches and kicks, he never had any chance against Ngannou who did whatever he wanted to do inside that range.

When you haven’t fought for a long time, it is hard to get back up again. But when Velasquez was thrown right at Nganga, Kane himself was sure of the fight. We know that it is hard to win when you are 36 years old.

The fight

The match was short-lived; it did not last more than 30 seconds. Velasquez stepped into the ring as if he had never been gone for 30 months and his opponent wasn’t one of the most feared knockouts. It’s that way with Kane, he is afraid of nobody. That’s probably why he is considered to be among the best in history at this point. At first he tried to kick alternately low kicks with high kicks, but only hit on defense.

Twenty seconds into the fight, Velasquez attempted a touchdown. As he did this, Nganna made a pass to his feet and pushed him off awkwardly. The Cameroonian then caused damage by hitting Kane with a straight left to the head, which dropped Velasquez back onto the ground where his legs became unnatural in their angle. Even more unfortunate for our fighter, he had no choice but to stop fighting as he never saw the referee coming to put an end to it all.

The Cameroonian wasn’t celebrating. He didn’t understand how it happened. “It was all too quick, mate. We just started fighting and here I am already winning. I’ve been waiting for this fight for two years, I wanted to challenge someone like Velasquez. I want to test myself with the best and I’m happy that it worked out.”

Summary of the fight

Velasquez said sorry to the audience for having a quick fight. He also encouraged everyone about the future, “I was really ready to fight, but that’s why our sport is so great, you never know what will happen.” He wants to keep fighting and do this again.

Will Kane continue his career and does he need to? If Kane says that he wants to, then I think the answer is yes. It would be foolish for him not to do so, given his extensive training camps and top-notch schooling in boxing.

Nobody is perfect, but 36-year-old heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua appears to be doing a bad job at defending the belt.

Joshi has had only 17 fights in 13 years and of those 14 were victories by knockout. He took part in his last bout against Wladimir Klitschko on April 29, 2016; it is possible that he will not have another chance for some time due to medical intervention following the fight or any other reason. If Velasquez regains health after surgery or rest time then he could make a comeback as the sport’s best heavy weight challenger once more.

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