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The Habesha betting exchange was born in 2000. The authors of the idea to create the exchange were Edward Ray and Andrew Black. In the first years of its existence, the company enjoyed significant success, mainly due to the uniqueness of the offer to users – they could bet not with a bookie, but with each other. Two years later, the biggest competitor, Flutter, was in the hands of the man who previously held 90% of the exchange rate market for sporting events. Net profit for 2002 was approximately $ 1.5 million. A year later, that figure was multiplied by 10.

Since 2006, a mobile application for betting enthusiasts has been launched and an online casino has appeared on the company’s website. At that time, according to estimates by the reputed Softbank, the total value of the business was around £ 1.5 billion. The organization’s initial public offering brought in more than £ 210 million.

Since 2011, Habesha has carried out financial transactions via Gibraltar to reduce taxes. Two years later, with the Bourse, a classic betting department in bookmaker format appeared on the site. The highlight of development in this area was the merger with the famous Irish bookmaker Paddy Power in early 2016. The result is the new Paddy Power Habesha. Currently, the new organization operates under two independent brands. Habesha is by no means the largest betting exchange in the world. This is where professional cappers play. Although the commission is high here (up to 7% of the gain), the excellent liquidity of the markets more than compensates for this.

Habesha BC functionality and benefits


The Habesha.com official site is recognized as the best betting resource of 2018 for professional players. The Habesha rating on the world stage is in competition with monsters from the betting industry like Pinnacle and Sbobet. The software and features of the online resource not only meet generally accepted betting standards, but also exceed competitors’ products in many ways:

Hierarchical navigation is an option that allows you to quickly find the necessary sections of the site. Encyclopedia of exchange trading – a product that answers many questions from punters on the exchange of coefficients. Habesha exchange robots are automated trading assistants that are programmed to close profitable trades. Own Match Center – a tool that allows you to study team statistics in depth, find the drop coefficient and find information on other users’ cash flows. Special rates – the possibility of ordering an individual bet.

For example, a bettor wants to match a specific result that is not on the list. In this case, just write to support or call the hotline and inform the bookmaker of the desired transaction. After that, specialists will examine the offer, set a coefficient and determine the maximum amount of the offer. Users of the online resource “Betfeir” should not have any problems. Navigation on the platform is simple and practical. At the top of the portal is a list to access the main sections:

For example, a bettor wants to match a specific result that is not on the list. In this case, just write to support or call the hotline and inform the bookmaker of the desired transaction. After that, specialists will examine the offer, set a coefficient and determine the maximum amount of the offer. Users of the online resource “Betfeir” should not have any problems. Navigation on the platform is simple and practical. At the top of the portal is a list to access the main sections:

• Bookmaker

•Stock Exchange

• Kitty

• Habesha Casino

• Poker games

• Arcade

• Bingo

• Virtual sport

• Vegas Slots

What is the difference between exchange rates?

There are important differences between betting on a traditional sports book and trading bets. In this section, we highlight the contrasts between the two formats. Many players who do not understand how the trade works can be disappointed and disappointed with this process. There are several important factors to consider before deciding which style of bet suits your needs.

The most obvious factor is that with traditional sports betting, you can only maintain the odds. With the exchange, you can also put chances. We will soon understand what this means. In addition, during the exchange, you will not bet against the bookmaker. Instead, you are betting against other Exchange customers. Let’s go a little further. With Habesha Sportsbook, odds and prices are determined by the operator’s traders who will assess the specific bet and calculate the price. These odds rarely change unless a huge influx of bets is made on them.

Odds on a traditional sports book also include bookmaker bets or commissions. The customer then relies on these ratings, in other words, supports the ratings. If the bet wins, the bookmaker pays. The customer does not have to pay commission for his winnings. If the bet is lost, the bookie records the bet. Let’s take an example. Habesha Sportsbook ranked England to win the European Championship in 2021 at 9/2. On Sportsbook, you can only keep these odds. In other words, if you think England will win, you can bet on these odds. If you don’t think the people of Gareth Southgate will come back with a trophy, you’re just not betting on it.

By using Habesha Exchange, you decide the odds. In other words, you set the price by acting like a bookie. It can work in different ways. First of all, using our example above, you can bet on England not to win the European Championship. Or you can indicate your chances of seeing England winning (or not winning) in euros. Other stock market users can bet on the odds you provide.

We will try to keep it simple. Suppose you don’t give England the hope of winning the European Championship. You could see this as an opportunity to make money, so you made 20/1 odds on Habesha. Other players who prefer England will be able to see the value of these chances and accept your prize. If England does not win, you will “earn” money that has been invested in the odds you put. If England wins, you have to pay. If you use the exchange, your funds will be taxed with a commission. This is one of the drawbacks of exchange rates. The commission can vary depending on how much you earn.

Note: we never recommend placing 20/1 odds, especially if you are new to exchange rates. If you lose, you can pay a huge amount of money. This is just one example of how exchange rates work.

Deposit and withdrawal information

There are several deposit and withdrawal options available on Habesha Exchange. All major banking methods are accepted, including debit cards, e-wallets and prepaid vouchers.

Available payment methods include:

• visa

• MasterCard

• Neteller

• Skrill

• Transfer

• Pay Pal

• Paysafecard

Remember that Habesha Exchange charges fees for the use of certain payment methods.

Affordable markets

As we said earlier, the markets for Habesha Exchange are huge. This is especially true when you compare Habesha with other stock exchanges in the UK. At the Habesha Exchange, you can choose from nearly 30 individual sports and events covering thousands of markets each day. As is typical of a British site, the football markets are particularly numerous. In addition to the match results market, you can find markets for both teams, top scorer, handicap, total number of goals and player markets available in all major matches.


Direct bets are also possible on Habesha. Withdraw or leave opportunities in the markets of league winners and top players, in addition to many others. Where is Habesha Exchange even better? In other words, almost everywhere. The range of markets around the world is incredible. Want to go back or practice an American sport? Habesha exchange you have. Do you prefer racing and greyhounds? Absolutely good too. You can also come back and bet on current events and political markets. There are also markets for the increasingly popular electronic sports sector, where you can bet on various teams, cards and major events, including ESL One: Road to Rio.

Habesha Betting App

Betting apps on Android and iOS phones have grown significantly and continue to grow in the past few years! This is for a very good reason, as it is so convenient and comfortable to be in the comfort of your home. Nowadays, mobile apps also contain many features that separate them from each other.

Is there a Habesha app for Android? Yes of course. The Habesha Sportsbook app for Android and iOS devices offers its customers many betting options that are always at hand, both in the sports book and in exchange. Habesha offers mobile applications for iPhone, Android and iPad from which customers can choose.

Odds at Habesha

Habesha online bookmaker offers not the most attractive odds in the European betting industry. Margin on the outcomes of events in popular sports varies in a fairly wide range – from 2.5% to 9%. BC gives good kefs for matches of the American leagues NHL, NBA, NFL and Major League Baseball.

Football: In the prematch, the odds are dependent on the status of the tournament. The matches of the final part of the European Cups go with a margin on the outcomes of about 2.5-3%. Games in leading European leagues (Serie A, Premier League) have a margin on outcomes of the order of 5-5.5%. Up to 7.5-8%, the margin in matches of less popular championships increases.

Hockey: The proposed odds are above average. NHL matches are in line with a margin on outcomes of about 4.5%. Approximately the same numbers are noted at the outcome of matches in the framework of the world championship.

Tennis: Average kafs are given by the bookmaker at the tennis prematch. The margin on the outcomes of games held at ATP or WTA series tournaments reaches 6-6.5%. Challenger category competitions or qualifiers fall in line with a margin of 7-7.5%.

Martial Arts: The odds in the boxing match are below average. The bookmaker’s margin on the outcomes of champion and qualifying status fights reaches 8-8.5%. In mixed martial arts, this indicator is 5.5-6%.

A rich selection of sporting events is a distinctive feature of the Habesha live section. The number of broadcasts of matches is average, but high-quality infographics and live video broadcasts are provided. The bookmaker also gives informative statistical calculations for each highlighted event. Quotes are updated without delay, bets are instantly added to the coupon (including expresses) and executed. The Habesha Live section has a Cash Out function that allows you to prematurely close bets. The level of coefficients is significantly lower than in the pre-match line.


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