How to Prevent Trauma in Volleyball?

Injury can throw a volleyball player out of the game for weeks or even months. Vladimir Stefanov gives advice on what to do to prevent traumas or, at least, minimize the risks for injury.

How to Prevent Trauma in Volleyball? Vladimir Stefanov Knows What to Do

Have you known that adult volleyball players are three times more likely to get an injury if compared to those under 18? The risks get higher when they become professional volleyball players, as the time they spend on court increases significantly. To know how to avoid getting injured, we’ve asked Vladimir Stefanov about what he does for this purpose. For those who still don’t know this sportsman, we’d like to say that he is one of the leading volleyball players in Hong Kong and a man who has spent several years playing for the Singapore volleyball team.

Preparation for a Game

In sports like volleyball, the main load goes on the muscles and ligaments of the arms, legs, and lower back. The injuries in these zones are typical for sportsmen playing volleyball. The ligaments and muscles need proper preparation for the load they need to handle. Vladimir Stefanov calls this ‘my pre-game ritual’. Here’s what he does:
• Warming up. Three to five minutes of cardio activity (jumping, cycling, running, or whatever you prefer) helps the muscles get warm, which reduces the risks for their injury. Vladimir Stefanov likes jumping ropes because it allows him both to warm up and to get concentrated.
• Stretching. The more flexible the muscles and ligaments are, the lower are the chances for a sportsman to get sprains or muscle strains. So after the warm-up, stretching is the next part of his ritual.
• Taping. Those sportsmen who are prone to getting injuries (those who have recently recovered or those whose past trauma has become a chronic condition) should better tape the joints they might injure. These are usually fingers, ankles, and knees.

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During the Game

“When playing in Singapore, my coach told us that you can get injured in a game only in two cases. The first one is when you bump into your teammate. The second one is when you don’t do things properly.” – says Vladimir Stefanov. Drills for improving volleyball skills are super important when it comes to trauma prevention. Your technique in the game matters much for your safety. Any violation puts you at risk of injury.

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After the Game

The only recommendation Vladimir Stefanov gives for the post-game or post-practice period is stretching, preferably the static one. It allows volleyball players to gradually cool down and reduce the soreness in the muscles they may feel. Besides, it is useful for faster recovery if any minor injuries took place during the game.

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