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Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns: The results of the fight

The UFC 258 fight between Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns was very exciting. They were always criticized for their fighting style and lack of entertainment. Usman won the fight and defended his title belt.

There were only a few fighters with UFC rankings for the 258th event at Absolute Fighting Championship. Most of the fighters are not well-known.

Usman and Burns were supposed to meet back in 2017, but the match had to be postponed several times. Someone else was going to become the new title contender for Usman, and he would have fought the challenger again. But all of this ended well, so the fight did happen.

Confrontation between the fighters

In the fight, people said Usman and Burns were enemies. But they are not enemies. They were friends for a long time because they trained in the same gym. One day, Burns made a lot of money and became number one in his weight class, so he got to fight for a championship title against Usman.


The first round was very unexpected. Burns picked up the pace and attacked aggressively. He knocked down Usman with a powerful kick early in the fight. The champion seemed to be in shock for a while too and couldn’t recover, while Dourinho was moving forward and using different techniques to try to win (there’s no way around it – he rarely gets a shot at winning the title, but he has been named as the only one who could beat Camara right now). Burns was on the ground after a failed high kick attempt, but Usman, aware that he himself needed time, did not allow Gilbert to get up and worked him with thigh kicks, sipping time.

Then the real drama happened in the octagon. Burns was crying and apologizing to his corner while Usman watched nearby. It meant a lot more to Kamaru than it would have if he had just won because as soon as he was announced as the winner, Kamaru started crying and he went over to hug Burns.

After the win

In the interview, though, Usman didn’t change himself and with his usual disgruntled look (it really hurts Kamara to be considered the most boring champion) gave a long tirade about being “the best on the planet” and his “fighting IQ being on a completely different level to Burns”.

“It was a hard fight,” Usman said, “very hard.” He proved that he had class. You can not ignore what he achieved. I love Burns at heart and it was hard to talk myself into demolishing him. But this cage belongs to me, there can be no friends in it. I am different from other fighters because when another fighter comes into the cage with me, they are no longer my friend. There are no friends in here; I am the best fighter in the world for a reason and you need to show respect for my name.”

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