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Kamaru Usman vs Tyron Woodley. Who won?

Kamaru Usman beat Tyron Woodley on Saturday. Usman is now the new champion in the welterweight division. The fight was a five-round brawl and he won with a unanimous decision (50-44 twice, 50-45).

“How long have you been telling them no one can fight me?” said Usman to UFC commentator Joe Rogan after the fight. “I’ve wanted this fight for a long time. I’ll be honest, I may not be the best puncher in the world, I may not be the best fighter in the world, but when it comes to mixing that shit up, I’m the damn best welterweight on the planet right now.”

Woodley has never been in a fight. With the exception of one exciting two-way fight, Usman fought for the whole time. So, Usman won.

in their UFC welterweight championship bout during the UFC 235 event at T-Mobile Arena on March 2, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How the fight went down

Kamaru started the fight. There are sometimes dreams of fights like this. You see opportunities, but you don’t take them. Usman was prepared to fight and he had the advantage in most of the situation because he knew how to take advantage of any opportunity that came up.

“He had a great game with punches and take-downs,” said Woodley. “He was very heavy on top. I take my hat off to him, I was ready for this fight. Thanks to him.”

Turning point

Woodley, 36, saw his corner urge him to be more aggressive and go forward after each round. But with the exception of a small handful of short right hands, the champion was in the quick sand all evening as Usman wore him down with the body. A short elbow to the face from the clinch clipped Woodley’s right eye late in the second round. The challenger later punched Woodley in the fifth round to deliver a dominant take-down and finish the fight as hard as he started it.

“First of all, let’s praise Tyrone Woodley,” Usman said. “This is a champion who came in here and dominated and a lot of people hate the man.”

“But when you talk about the greatest welterweights of all time, this man should be on that list.”

The outcome of the fight

Usman was a better fighter than Woodley. Usman’s punches were cleaner and he seemed energized while Woodley was tired and he barely made it to his corner after the fight. They both come from different places, but they worked hard in their gyms.

Colby Covington, the former interim champion, interrupted a training session for Usman. He was shouting into a megaphone. Now he will have his first chance to fight him for the belt.

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