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National Olympic Stadium in Tokyo: Opening Ceremony 2021

Due to the risk of coronavirus infection, there will be no spectators at this Games opening. Kyodo also reports that the number of high-profile guests has been reduced because fewer than a thousand are planned.


The program for the Olympics has also changed. As the Games are held under the banner of gender equality, women’s disciplines have been added to the program and there are more mixed events. The organizers have almost managed to achieve absolute equality: female athletes will account for 48.8%. At the previous Games, it was 44.2%.

The Olympic delegations will march in the parade based on the Japanese katakana alphabet’s order, with members of the refugee team marching last. The Olympics traditionally opens with Japan’s Emperor Naruhito.

The organizers of the Olympics in Tokyo have decided to not use expensive shows. Instead, they will have a ceremony that is as solemn as before, but still has Japanese flavor.

Ceremony 2021

Due to the coronavirus, about 950 officials will be at the arena. The theme of the opening ceremony is “Moving Forward.” It will talk about how this happened because of a global health crisis and Japan’s recovery from their most devastating earthquake in 2011.

The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2020 due to a pandemic. The competition will run from July 24-August 8th and remain open to Japanese spectators only, despite originally being scheduled for foreigners.

Rules and rituals of the opening and closing ceremonies

The opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games are held at the largest stadium in a city. The events happen according to a strict, approved ritual that is defined by the Olympic Charter.

The Opening Ceremonies begin the Olympics. The ceremony has a lot for people to see. It starts with the host country’s flag and their national anthem being played. Then, people from that country perform music, singing, dance and theater of their culture and history. This is followed by a presentation of the Olympic motto or theme.

The Parade of Nations is the opening ceremony at most international sporting events. It starts with Greece, host to the first Olympic Games and continues with all participating countries. The order is based on the country’s location in alphabetical order, finishing with the delegate from whichever country was last. One athlete from each delegation carries their nation’s flag during the parade.

The person who is in charge of the organizing committee for the Olympics and also the president of the IOC make a speech. After they are done, they introduce someone from the host country. This person tells people when it is time to start. The Olympic flag goes into the stadium and plays an anthem while it goes up a pole. People can then start watching.

It starts with a parade of athletes. One of the team’s athletes carries their country’s flag. A man from the International Olympic Committee makes a speech to thank the people who organized this event and to announce that there will be another Games in two years. A Greek flag, your country’s flag, and your new country’s flag are raised on poles for three minutes.

The Olympic flag is lowered and carried before the central podium. The Olympic flame is extinguished in the bowl, as artillery shoot three rounds of salute. Singing begins to ring out.

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