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Nigeria v Cameroon: Tokyо 2020

Two countries, Nigeria and Cameroon, will play a soccer game on June 4. We are predicting the outcome of the match. Who are the favorites?


Nigeria will be the first team from Africa to compete in the 2020 African Cup of Nations after securing a place on Tuesday following its victories over Lesotho in Addis Ababa and Benin away.


Cameroon made it to the Africa Group Stage. They had some hard games but they did well. Cameroon won three games and drew two. They lost one game, and they have 11 points to show for it. Second place Cape Verde is just one point ahead with 10 points, but Cameroon still got in because they allowed less points (11) than Cape Verde (12). In their last few matches, Cameroon played poorly though–they lost at home to Cape Verde 1-3, and 0-0 against Rwanda on the road.


The Ethiopians have been generally successful at home over the past couple years, winning their previous three matches on Nigerian soil. Meanwhile, Nigeria have consistently “beaten” their opponents at home in recent games and most recently won 3-0 against Cameroon. With that in mind, we suggest betting on Nigeria for Wednesday’s matchup with Ethiopia, which you can back up with a handicap (e.g., giving the Ethiopian squad an extra point).

We predict that Nigeria will win this game. The odds for a handicap are 1.74 at Winline. We also believe that Nigeria’s defense is strong and Cameroon will not be able to defeat them.

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