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Results: Stipe Miocic vs Francis Ngannou

Fighters in the article: Francis Ngannou

The UFC 260 mixed martial arts tournament took place on March 28 in Las Vegas. The heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic of the United States fought the challenger Francis Ngannou of France in the main fight of the tournament.

Stipe Miocic (38, USA)

Stipe faced Francis Ngannou in January of 2018. At the start of the UFC 220 tournament, Stipe was the underdog, but he was able to survive and win because he had won on points.

Miocic has a good stance. He works mainly with his hands, sometimes including low kicks. Most of his victories in MMA are by knockout, 15 times (75% of all his victories). He has never won by painful or choking holds.

Francis Ngannou (34, France)

Francis Ngannou is the best fighter in the UFC. He had four fights where he won just by knocking out his opponent. Curtis Blades, Kane Velasquez, Junior dos Santos and Jairzinho Rosenstrike were all defeated. Francis Ngannou needed only 162 seconds in total to win these fights.

Fighting history

The UFC had hoped to schedule the Francis Ngannou vs. Derrick Lewis 2 fight on August 7, but sources now say that is unlikely. Schedule conflicts. Nothing has been decided at this point, but to my knowledge, September is the new target.

If the Ngannou vs. Lewis fight is removed from UFC 265, there will be a different main event. There are other interesting fights coming up that people can watch, but they want to see this one especially. It’s not too late for them to get tickets if they hurry.

UFC 266 is on September 25th. It will be interesting to see if UFC makes Ngannou vs. Lewis for this card because it also has Jan Blachowicz vs. Glover Teixeira and Alexander Volkanovski vs Brian Ortega.

The fight

During the fight, the fighters walked around and didn’t punch as much. They hit each other 31 times in 15 minutes. But Cormier and Miocic, who fought in the same tournament, hit each other 54 times in only four minutes of the title fight. Ngannou only hit 11 times – less than a punch per minute. Lewis scored another 20 or so during that time. Fans booed when it looked like the fighters weren’t fighting anymore and were playing staring games instead! The referee even stopped one round to tell them they needed to start fighting again! It didn’t help though – they just kept playing staring games instead of fighting again after that too.


The judges gave the win to Lewis because he was swinging his arms and legs more often. After the fight, Lewis wasn’t even interviewed in a traditional octagon because there was nothing to ask. UFC commentator Joe Rogan called it the worst fight in history of UFC heavyweight division.

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