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First established as an online Casino in 1996, Sportbet is located and licensed in San Jose, Costa Rica. Featuring high-tech software, a safe and secure wagering atmosphere, plus a wide variety of gambling opportunities, Sportbet delivers an exciting Las Vegas style experience. Part of the well established 5Dimes betting group, Sportbet is backed by LIVE customer support around the clock.

Betting Interface

The best way to describe SportBet’s user interface is that isn’t the prettiest, but it is very functional. There have been a lot of books lately that have made some very impressive interface changes like Bovada, so it is a little shocking that SportBet hasn’t tried to follow suit. At the same time, one can argue that if it works then there is no need to fix it.

The one advantage about the SportBet set up is that it is very simple to use. On the left side of the screen (as one can see in the image above) there are the bet types and in the middle of the screen there are the sports. To move on to the next screen, the user simply selects a bet type and the sport and they are directed to a list of bets within those parameters.

Once the bet (or bets) are selected, the user is then brought to a screen to confirm the bet. Again, there is not much room for error as they use a bold font on the bet, the amount that you are risking and the amount that you can win. You are then also asked to put your password in again for final confirmation of the bet. We find these to all be good policies as SportBet makes it near impossible to bet on something that you didn’t intend to bet on.

Sportbet Mobile Experience

Sportbet offers players a fluid experience on mobile. A few quick swipes and taps and you will have a bet added into your account. Navigation between the various sports betting markets available is on par with other sportsbooks’ mobile platforms, so players should have no issues placing a bet while on the go or at the office cubicle on their smartphone or tablet device. Sportbet works well on both the Android and iOS model devices that Sportsbook Review has tested.


Sport Bet offers the opportunity to place just about any kind of wager on just about any sporting event. It offers, of course, Straight Bets, generally with point spreads on sports like basketball or football and with money lines in sports like baseball and boxing. It offers Totals Bets and Parlays, Teasers, Progressive Teasers, and Pleasers. There are also If Bets, Rolling If Bets, and Reverses. There is even Live In-Play betting and even a Bet Builder option that empowers you to create you own personal Proposition Bet with your own personal payout odds.


The different types of sports wagers can be applied to whichever sport you like. Bet on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or soccer. Or bet on tennis, golf, boxing, or Nascar. You can even bet on handball or darts, if that’s what interests you. It’s all there at

Live Betting

Just like the rest of, the live betting interface is incredibly easy to use once you understand things a bit better. In total, there are actually two different live betting interfaces. Though they are almost identical, Live Betting Ultra offers players a bit more variety than Live Betting Extra.

If you have ever bet one live, ongoing sporting events in the past, Live Betting Extra is more or less exactly what you are used to. There are a few game lines, each featuring moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options. With Live Betting Ultra, on the other hand, you can make use of the standard three bet types as well as a whole lot more.

Some of the betting options that exist with Live Betting Ultra are halftime, quarter, and period lines, even or odd props, two and three way handicaps, team totals, player totals, and Asian handicaps. Something that offers that most other sites do not is the ability to create parlays with live sporting events. At most other sites, even if you are able to place multiple live bets at the same time, you are rarely able to combine two or more selections into a live parlay.

Betting Limits

The minimum bet you can make on any sports is $0.50 if you bet online, meaning this sportsbook is suitable for casual bettors. The maximum wager varies from sports to sport.

However, that equation changes if you place your bets by phone. In that case, the minimum bet is $50 for straight wagers, or $25 on parlays, teasers, pleasers, and futures. The minimum bet on open parlays is $100.

The most you can bet on any live game outcome is $500. However, on other sports, you can bet as much as $5,000 at a time.

The maximum payout on parlay, teaser, IF, or RIF bets is $1,000,000. If you ask for approval, you may be able to get an “unlimited” account.

Sportbet Bonus

The sportsbook offers players four account signup options:

30% Super Saver Bonus
Arguably the most popular method is the reduced juice or super saver bonus plan. With this account plan, bettors receive -107 style pricing on sides and totals. The reduced vig means that bettors who wager over the course of a season can save sizable chunks of their bankroll by paying less commission to bookmakers.

For example, if you had to risk $110 to win $100 on every wager — the standard in Las Vegas or with the mobile apps associated with land-based sportsbooks — you have to risk an extra $3 for each wager than you would at Sportbet, which can add up in a hurry especially if your unit size increases.

Free Play, Lotto Rewards
This sign up option gives players a 50% free play upon registration up to $520. This means that a player could deposit $1,000 and receive a $500 free play bonus.

The bonus is credited incrementally based on the amount wagered in the sportsbook. For every time a player’s deposit amount is rolled over, 10% of the bonus is credited automatically. One important item to note is that a player must request the bonus within 24 hours of registering and depositing with Sportbet. Bonuses are manually approved and entered by the Sportbet staff.

Users who are based outside of the United States are capped at $50 bonuses.

Cash Back Bonus Promotion
The cash back promotion gives players up to 20% cash back on all overall losses from the sportsbook, racebook, casino, and lotto. This redemption may be claimed twice per year. The bonus can be requested within two weeks of the first NFL preseason game, and two weeks prior to the Super Bowl. Cash back bonuses may only be applied if a player has not already redeemed cash back during the qualifying period.

Casino Rebate Bonus Program
Sportbet offers a casino rebate bonus program which allows players to earn up to a 21% rebate on overall losses in all of the Sportbet casino platforms. The cash back is calculated based on overall losses in the casino, which also includes Live Dealer, Bingo, and Mini Games.

Unlike the cash back bonus promotion associated with the sportsbook, the 21% casino rebate can be claimed once per 30 days. Alternatively, players can opt to receive a 14% rebate every Wednesday and forgo the extra 7% to receive the weekly rebate.

Point Mover Special Bonus Program


Sportbet’s Point Mover program is an interesting one. Players can buy points and save with discounted odds for spreads and totals for all football and basketball offerings that would be classified as a straight wager. Sportbet has a chart showing the savings associated with buying points. For instance, if a player bought a point on an NFL total of 4.5, this would normally have the vig of -200. Players who are part of the point mover program would pay 5 cents less at -195. As mentioned in the reduced juice explanation, these savings can add up in a hurry if a player wagers throughout the season.

SportBet Sign Up Process

If you haven’t visited the wagering website recently, we’re here to suggest that you should. There’s something to be said for strength in numbers and the Sportbet management team has nearly two decades of experience. As part of a strong online family group, that includes the world famous website, Sportbet has stepped up their offerings as they are now a complete, one wallet, sports and entertainment betting destination.

Sportbet Deposit Methods

While conducting our extensive research for this review, we found an efficient and affective Cashier section at Sportbet. From credit card processing, to popular electronic transfers, along with safe and secure eWallets, there’s a deposit method that will suit everyone. In most instances deposits come with no fees charged, they are processed 24/7, and the funds are available in your personal bankroll for instant betting.

SportBet Payout Methods

Collecting your winnings is just as simple and safe as making a deposit at Sportbet. Bettors are encouraged to request a payout using the same method they deposited with. Should you need to use a different payout method, Sportbet will attempt to accommodate the request but you could face added administration fees. Depending on your payout method, cash outs are processed from 9:00 AM and up to 11:00 PM seven days a week.

Software and Security

You can place sports bets on Sport Bet over the Internet using any of the available Internet browsers of your choice. Sportbet has also been optimized to work with most mobile devices and tablets so you can always take your Sportbet with you and bet on the go. And for those who like to do their sportbetting the old-fashioned way, you can still place your bets by telephone by calling a dedicated phone number at Sportbet.

There are many ways to deposit money into your Sportbet account so you can enjoy the thrills of real money sports betting, and there are also many ways to withdraw your winnings. Sportbet has carefully vetted all of the deposit and withdrawal methods to ensure that they are safe and secure and legitimate. In addition, Sportbet uses all the available up-to-date technologies and procedures to safeguard its website and its online transactions so your personal and financial information will be protected from hackers and thieves.

Customer Service

One of the shining moments of the SportBet review was their customer service. They have phone support, live chat support, email support, social media support, and an extensive FAQ section. It also clearly states that they are available 24 hours a day to help with any of your needs. This is clearly way more than an adequate number of options for you to get help. We always get happy when we find a site that has the option to talk to a real person to get help with your issues.

If email is your preferred method of contact, has you covered as well. Email support is provided 24/7 by To reach their customer service department by email, simply send an email to [email protected].

Additionally, it’s nice to see that they not only have phone support but live chat as well. Some of us don’t like talking to people when we’re having issues, so this is a nice way to do it with our fingers instead of over the phone.


Do we recommend you join Well, that depends on what exactly you want to do.

If you wanted to play poker, we’d say no way. While they have an okay selection of games and stakes, not to mention all the standard features you’d want in a site, they have absolutely no traffic to speak of. It’d be absolutely pointless to create an account here solely to play cards.

However, if you wanted to bet sports or play casino games, then we think this is a good place to join. You’ll find tons of sports and markets, as well as hundreds of casino games to play.

You’ll also find tons of promotions here ranging from reduced juice, deposit bonuses, rebates, cashback, and more.

So, there you have it. Skip if you want to play poker, but don’t hesitate to create an account here if you want to bet sports or play casino games online.

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