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The Supertotes are specially designed for horse racing. The bookie started in 2005 and quickly became the market leader in his home in Germany. An agreement with German Racing has made it a major shareholder and has made it possible to reinvest the benefits of supertotes in sport. The company moved to Malta in 2010 and in 2012, supertote opened in the UK and Ireland.

With horse racing from 40 countries, there are many interesting things for horse racing enthusiasts. In fact, players have over 250,000 races that you can bet on every year. While horse racing is the main focus, greyhound racing is also available on supertote and there is also an interesting supertote bonus.

As a niche site specifically known for horse racing (and also invested in greyhounds), it is known as an important portal for these types of players. It offers a lot more download deals than other online bookmakers, and a good supertote bonus that will help you with that. Partnerships with industry help to increase brand capital among stakeholders. Users also have excellent access to the data and statistics necessary for the most informed offers. OpenOdds rated supertote 71 out of 100 for our general comparison of online betting shops. It is the 50th most popular mobile site among all bookmakers, which shows that there is a lot of traffic in this niche of bookmaker.

Bonus program

The qualifying bid you need to make is £ 10, and once you have made your qualifying bet you will be refunded 100%. That’s right: 100% first deposit bonus. In order to qualify for the welcome bonus, one important thing to note is how the money should be credited to your supertote account. This cannot be done with a prepaid credit or debit card, nor with Paysafe, Skrill or Neteller. In addition, a bet must have a chance of at least 1.5 or more.

How to access the welcome bonus? When you open your account and make a deposit using the appropriate payment methods, you must enter the WELCOME bonus code in the bonus section. The deadline is very convenient: you have 45 days from the moment you enter the bonus code and place your appropriate bet to take advantage of the opening offer. Remember that before you can withdraw all of your winnings, you must transfer money five times before using them for personal gain.

Service Clients

First, the bad news: unlike the big bookies, there is no 24-hour customer service. The good news: there are many ways to contact them, and the services offered compensate for this one warning. From 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Central European Time (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. UK), customers will be able to speak with customer service via chat or telephone to resolve any doubts and obtain help needed. make the most of their services. If you find that you are playing when they are not nearby, do not be afraid: all requests by e-mail are generally processed and dismantled within 24 hours.


There are only two games on a supertote: horse racing and greyhounds. He really is a niche bookmaker. What they lack in diversity, they compensate for the depth they bring to the sport on which they focus. In this case, the specifics of the product are ideal for those who really invest in betting on horses and greyhounds. Since they partner with racing authorities in the UK and Germany, this ensures that supertotes are up to date with every nook and cranny of the racing world.

horse racing

Payment methods 

In addition to bank transfers, there are many safe ways to deposit and withdraw supertotes. Visa and MasterCard are credit card companies, but you also have a number of other payment methods available to you, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. You can also use a Paysafe card. The minimum deposit depends on the payment method: from 1 pound (Skrill) to 20 pounds (PayPal). Of all the payment methods available to UK consumers, only a deposit limit of £ 1,000 is set for Paysafe card users. As for the withdrawal of funds, if the money in your account is not protected by any bonus, you can withdraw part or all of your balance. It’s a bit complicated when you use multiple payment methods; You have to align each of the methods you use before you can decide where you want to go. Typically, you will receive your money within 72 hours. And the last tip: you have to pay for certain payments. If the withdrawal is less than GBP 5, you will be charged GBP 1.50 to offset the processing costs of the withdrawal. For a fourth withdrawal or more within 30 days, a processing fee of 50 pence and a fee of GBP 15 for any bank transfer not included in the SEPA system will be charged.


supertote benefits from GlobalSign SSL encryption, which ensures that all of your personal and payment information is secure when you use supertote. It is one of the 2.5 million certificates issued worldwide. We are pleased to announce that supertote regularly reviews security procedures to create a safe and secure gaming environment.

Betting odds

Are you still worried about whether your sports book has the best chance of events you want to organize? For those of you who depend on horses and have this fear, you’re in luck. In our supertote review, a special set of supertote races was discovered which allows all UK users to guarantee the best odds. 

For all races labeled with the best luck guarantee in the UK, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates, you get a fixed price for your bet, and if the SP price (or starting price) is higher than that you pay, you get more. It only works for racing on the same day, so for those of you who prefer racing days, it’s really a guarantee that you can stay behind. But don’t forget that Ante-Post, Tote / Pools, Place Only and Match bets are not eligible for a guarantee.


The interface will certainly not disappoint you. As it is similarly structured for many large, versatile bookmakers, when adapting to the site, there is no precise learning curve. You have everything that is available on the top panel: a list of runners for the current day, all the offers at your disposal, feeds and, of course, statistics and data that are the hallmark of what supertote offers. The big advantage is that the Help button is located at the top of the page and is not hidden in the footer. You can easily get answers to all of your questions. While there are no separate apps to download bets, there is a mobile site that you can use on your mobile phone or tablet.

Live betting 

Since race bets do not require any in-game product options, supertote naturally has no in-game products. However, if you prefer to bet at the last minute, you can check the Today and Ante- options. Post as soon as you log on to the supertote website to see what is the closest thing to the race for game products. Depending on the market you choose and what is available, throughout the supertote you can choose from 14 different types of bets.

Others products

As we mentioned in Covered Sports, the product menu is simple: horse racing or greyhound racing. There are no casino games, live poker, or other privileges that other online bookmakers should cover with all aspects of betting. This can be positive for you, if you want to focus on a competition and consider yourself a racing expert, then there is nothing wrong with choosing. However, for most people, the lack of diversity can be unpleasant, as you can’t take a break and try something new without leaving the site.


Despite the fact that there is no wagering limit, there are some maximum wins. The weekly limit for net winnings is £ 100,000. There are also some restrictions on the race. For races, this is based on the race category: for category 1 races, you can win up to € 200,000, € 100,000 for category 2 and € 25,000 for categories 3 and 4. For greyhound racing, there is a general maximum winning limit: € 25,000. As for minimum bidding, it’s 50p. For a more detailed review of all winnings and limits, you can check out the supertote terms and conditions. You can set your own limits on deposit rates in 1 and 28 days, losses that you are willing to incur in 1 or 28 days. You can also set an expiration period of up to six weeks, and if you wish to opt out, you can do so for up to 5 years as a resident of France.

How do I make a deposit? 

Below is a step-by-step overview of how to successfully deposit funds into your supertote betting account:

1. Click on one of the photos on this page for an automatic redirection to supertote.

2. If this is your first time, register as a new customer or log in with your password.

3. Look for the wallet icon (mobile version) or the dollar sign “$” (desktop version) to access the payments page and select “Deposit”.

4. Select the desired payment method and follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Place your bets!



Unlike many betting companies that operate legally on the territory of certain African countries, the supertote bookmaker has applications compatible with the Android and IOS operating systems.

The mobile version of the Supertote bookmaker is ideal for all telecommunications devices, regardless of its operating system. The official site automatically adapts to the type of device and allows customers to access all of the bookmaker’s features. The developers have created a mobile version of this bookie, because the official site is too overloaded with offers and advertisements, which have a negative impact on the rate of return of the site on a phone or a tablet. This is why, among the advantages of the mobile version of the supertote bookmaker, we can distinguish:

⦁ compactness – when all offers are clearly structured and quick to access.

⦁ Quick and automatic access authorization – which eliminates the need to type in the login or password, saving us time.

⦁ the absence of advertisements – saves us time and internet traffic.

⦁ full availability of all the functions of the official site.

As we will see, the mobile version is complete. Bettors have access to all the main betting proposals, can even make deposits or withdrawals of funds.

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