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The Dustin Poirier vs. Conor McGregor match had a result.

The McGregor – Poirier trilogy just wrapped up in Las Vegas. We should all be used to the fact that any Conor McGregor fight is not what happens in the cage the moment the gong sounds. No, it’s a discussion of what he said at a press conference or in an interview, his next antics, the list of celebrities in ringside, whether the Irishman’s career is over this time and of course, there was Khabib talking about Conor as well as Floyd Mayweather taking bets on him and then there is Logan Paul who has something to say about everyone else too.

How did the fight go?

Conor promised Dustin would need to be carried away on a stretcher, but in the end Conor was eagerly taking people for walks with one himself. This can all be traced back to an earlier fight – both of them delivered some really good punches and kicks. Dustin Poirier didn’t take initiative right away, even the low-kicks went through Conor this time around. However, there just wasn’t any effect from his previous fights with welterweights.

Dustin began to pick up those attacks and interrupted in places. Then there was a pass from Poirier, his avoidance of a guillotine attempt, elbow strikes one and all, fighting for position and more strikes…

This was not the type of fight where somebody drags McGregor into the ring and that’s it, you can walk away from the TV. But after a round of fighting, Dustin became aware that his pace couldn’t keep up with Conor’s. His concentration wasn’t strong enough to indicate how he missed more and more often.

Immediately before the bell rang, Conor McGregor stood up from the mat – which he was allowed to do – and almost missed another right kick. Poirier was just waiting for such a moment and stood close enough for it, so afterwards you could see everything that had happened on replay. The footwork until the fall and then ending with it all.


The profitable McGregor

The Leprechaun switches to a dialect we don’t understand, and his words are hard for us to pick out. Joe Rogan must have been able to understand this language, because he took Conor’s side in the argument.

The amount of interest in McGregor’s upcoming fight has been staggering. In a recent interview with ESPN, Dana White said that approximately 1.2 million people have already bought the pay-per-view since it was announced earlier this year.

The next time we talk about the fighter formerly known as Notorious Conor McGregor, just remember that he is no longer the same. But he still has a lot of popularity. The start of his general madness was when he knocked out Jose Aldo in 13 seconds in Las Vegas, and it is still his city.

You can talk about his career and even bring a funeral brigade of African dancers which will carry him in their arms with the crowd – him, not Dustin Poirier, and in the front row will be Dana White who has already said for some reason that Conor will get a title fight later with the winner of Packer-Oliveira meeting.

The outcome of the fight

All in all, Dustin Poirier leaves Lag Vegas with a win, one-legged Conor stays, and everyone is happy. Leprechaun’s funeral was good, again. We could do it again soon.

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