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What to bet on? Nigeria v Cameroon: Tokyо 2020

Nigeria and Cameroon will be playing a friendly match on June 4. Betting against Nigeria is worth 20:1.


Nigeria easily qualified for the Africa Cup of Nations. In quartet L, the Nigerians had four wins and two draws to take the top spot with a seven-point advantage over second-placed Benin. Nigeria also defeated Lesotho 3-0 at home and beat out Benin 1-0 on away turf.


Cameroon lost their final match in qualifying but still qualified for the Africa Group Stage. The Indomitable Lions had three wins and two draws, with one defeat, and their 11 points allowed them to beat second-placed Cape Verde by just one point. After this match at home against Rwanda in Beijing on April 17th that ended 0-0, Cameroon will face Colombia next week back at home – a contest it will have to fight hard in order to win even a draw from.”


In the Africa Cup of Nations selection matches, countries’ home advantage puts them in a more favourable position. Nigeria has won their previous three games at home while Cameroon have lost their last three games on the road. We suggest betting on Niger and adding a handicap for luck.

Our prediction is a win for Nigeria (0), which in theory should be easy. However, Cameroon will put up a fight, and it would be unwise to count them out of the match altogether.

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