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Women’s Basketball Match – Nigeria v USA

The Nigerian and American women’s soccer teams will play. We look at their records and give our predictions.


The Nigerian women’s national team is not doing well. They have lost four matches in a row, they only won two games. Before this streak, they won two games. First to Puerto Rico (89-63) and then to Serbia (59-56).

Nigeria is not an outstanding team. They are overall only average in terms of talent and we have seen that they sometimes lack the ability to work as a team. However, when pitted against inferior teams that possess comparably less natural advantage, Nigeria will make their opponents look good.


As mentioned above, the USA beat Nigeria in a game before the Olympics. This was good for them because they were confident and had not lost many games. It is likely that this is also true for this game as well.

The visiting team can play at the best level in the next game. The Americans, even with their less-than-optimal squad, can easily outplay Nigeria. That was the case a few days ago, and that may be the case in the first round of the Olympics. In terms of shooting and tactics, they are much stronger.

Face-to-face meetings

As we have already mentioned, the most recent meeting took place on July 19. The Americans played at home and succeeded to win with more than a convincing score 93-62.

Nigeria – USA match prediction

America is a team that can win the whole tournament. This next match will be important. America will have a better chance if they are motivated. It’s worth betting on them to win this game, and it may not even matter who they play against because of their skill level.

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