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ZEturf has grown steadily since the creation of the 2005 racing betting website. Specialized in ZEturf, you get the maximum experience for those who want to bet on horses. In addition to the latest news from the biggest races in Belgium, France and beyond, there is an advisory service and the possibility of watching your horse in action thanks to a live broadcast service. ZEturf is an important place if horse racing is your sport.

Initially, the French bookie ZEturf is also present on the Flemish and Walloon markets. In order to be able to place bets legally, ZEturf has received official authorization from the Belgian Games Commission under the number FA + 117739. The bookie is not affiliated with the casino and therefore operates independently. ZEturf’s offer is limited to betting on races, organized mainly in France and Germany. Consequently, the sports offer is limited, but a wide selection of different betting options for each race compensates for this. Players wishing to place bets based on statistics will be served using the ZEturf Pro sharing website. This bookmaker offers new players a step-by-step bonus of up to 120 euros.

ZEturf software / website and graphics

ZEturf uses software provided by Sportnco to create its sports book. The whole site is simple and practical to use with access to all the best features in a few clicks. It’s easy to do between races and race days, and the experience is very user-friendly, if not a little impressive. 

The direct reaction to the ZEturf platform is that it seems very complex. And that. Frankly, this can be a bit unpleasant for some players. However, learn to stick to it and you will benefit soon.

Zeturf is not complicated as such. Instead, it is simply complete and provides almost all of the information you might need. Of course, it takes a little time to become familiar with the layout and navigation. However, as soon as you do that, this additional data and the ability to control the auction patterns will give you the best chance of maximum return.

Full download program

ZEturf, which focuses on horse racing, covers almost all aspects of the sport of kings. A player can bet on races around the world, including standard races and lynxes. It is not surprising, however, that the main ones are found in France and England. 

In addition to the standard betting approach for single, multiple and new markets, users can also participate in special events. For example, € 10,000 per day can win this jackpot with a bet of only 50 pence. In other words, with this platform, you can make any type of bet you wish to make.

Additional services

ZEturf is not just a sports book. It is a service that offers you the complete experience that any racing enthusiast can ask for. Participants can view form guides, jockey changes and the latest news on a portal. With an added advantage on the forum, customers couldn’t ask for more in terms of research and analysis. 

In addition, ZEturf particularly facilitates monitoring of the action. The streaming service allows customers to monitor what is happening in real time. Likewise, the radio comment service can be just as helpful. For serious gamers, the ZEturf Pro platform offers an even deeper understanding of the information required.

zeturf football

Zeturf App

The mobile site is very simple, which makes betting easier – the essence of online betting. You can switch between races, view the detailed information available for each horse and bet with maximum ease. There is an Android app that can be downloaded by requesting text from the office site. The app is similar to a mobile site, but the user can switch between meetings and races by swiping a finger, making the betting process more convenient and simpler. You can download this app for yos or android from the Play Store or the App Store.

Advantages of ZEclub

The ZEturf platform is designed for racing enthusiasts and presents an incredible registration offer. New customers will receive free bets of 250 EUR when registering. This takes place in five stages. However, anyone seriously interested in making money in these markets will easily clean up these fences. 

However, ZEturf does not only encourage new customers. All members automatically join ZEclub, which is designed to reward loyal players. In fact, the more often you bet, the higher the reward. If you win, these benefits can increase your profits to an even higher level. And if you lose, it’s a great way to compensate for some of these losses.

Customers may feel that they have not only joined the betting platform. ZEturf has a community. The fact that it is specifically focused on the horse racing market only reinforces these positive emotions.

ZEturf deposit / withdrawal options

The replenishment and withdrawal of funds from ZEturf is simple and clear, different options are available depending on your needs. You can transfer money directly from your bank account using hipay or bank transfer. You can also use Paysafecard or an electronic wallet such as PayPal or Skrill.

● Hipay

● bank transfer

● Paysafecard

● PayPal

● Skrill 

Types of sports betting

Arrival at the race As already mentioned, ZEturf can only bet on the race. On the other hand, each race offers a wide selection of different betting options. Of course, you can bet on a horse that you think will win the race or at least finish in the top 3. The more delicate the forecast, the higher the profit. This also applies to the Double Winning game method, where the goal is to predict which two horses will finish first and second. It doesn’t matter which of them is the final winner. 

If you choose Double Placed, it will be a little easier. Although it is always assumed that you select two horses from the list of race participants, in this case it is not necessary that one of the horses finishes first. Even if your choice finishes second and third in the race, you will win prizes.

Finally, with the Double Order game option, you need to predict the number 1 and number 2 of the race in the correct order. With this detailed explanation of Double, you probably already know what the intentions are with the game options of Trio and Trio Order. Indeed, in this case, we are talking about the correct prediction of the first three, in the first version, it does not matter which of the three horses ends with the first, the second and the third, while in the version of the Order, this is important. to win. Finally, ZEturf also offers the possibility of predicting the first four or five finish horses or betting on a horse that will finish fourth in the race.

Zeturf live

After the initial shot, you can no longer bet on the current race. So be sure to bet on your favorites on time. Depending on the location of the race, you will be informed of the progress of the race live via audio and / or video. If live video is available, you can also select a route option later to look back. ZEturf also offers courses that are not commented on in pictures or sounds at all. If you want to bet on this, you have to be very careful to bet on time.

Service Clients

ZEturf’s helpdesk, she said, is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Belgian players can contact the bookmaker via a free phone number, and a specific French number is available for players from other countries. You can also send an e-mail to [email protected] or via the form on the ZEturf website. Finally, you can contact the support service of this bookmaker directly via the online forum. The official language of this forum is mainly French.

Zebet online sports book

Zebet’s online sports book is entirely devoted to horse racing, but recently it also features football, tennis and many other sports. Of course, if you are interested in betting on horse racing, then this is the place for you. Zeturf analyzes the race and always provides feedback or a prediction of where the horse will end up in the race. They give you some insider tips and knowledge that is not available on other sites. If you want to bet on other sports, check out our new offers in the Zebet online sports book. 

ZEturf is a great option if you want to bet on horse racing. They have an excellent registration offer that rewards customers for their loyalty, and their ZEturf Pro program rewards customers even more for their continuous work. There is a huge depth of knowledge with information on each horse in each race and advice on who will win, so you will never find yourself in a blind race. Then you can watch your horses in action and hopefully see how your money bounces back. Of course, if the race is not to your liking, ZEturf is unlikely to be of great interest. Otherwise, ZEturf, which offers a fantastic horse racing service not to be missed.

Up to €120 bonus to discover Zeturf

New punters who open an account will receive a welcome bonus of €120. To receive it you must make a deposit in the week following your registration. The 1st part of the bonus will be paid directly into your player account. This bonus 120 € will allow you to enjoy and discover more the offer of bets on horse racing. That’s why ZETurf offers a simple bonus system, clear for you, and directly playable thanks to its 5 slices.


The first installment of the bonus will be paid directly to you after your first deposit of €15 minimum. The amount credited will be 20 € maximum for a deposit of €20. To receive the second bonus you must make a bet of €1 within 30 days of your first online deposit. The bonus will be equivalent to the first one is €20. You will receive the third installment of €20 after placing a second bet of €1 within 60 days. The next €30 is 10% of your stakes incurred within 30 days of the 3rd bonus. For the last installment, the bonus will be equal to 10% of your stakes incurred within 30 days of the 4th bonus. This bonus takes into account the total limit of €120 for the 5 bonus bands. It can be more than €30 if your first 3 bonuses are less than €20.

Aside from the layout, another thing that you need to get used to is working in euros. In truth, this has no impact on whether the odds are good or not. It simply means altering your staking plan accordingly. Having said that, current conversion rates mean the difference is minimal. Like the design aspects, though, it becomes second nature in next to no time. As for the banking options, deposits and withdrawals can be made through multiple payment types. In addition to bank transfers, the list includes Skrill and Paysafecard among others.

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